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The Best Place to see D.C.'s Famous Cheery Blossoms

SPRING TIIIIIIIME!!! The time of the year where locals and tourist of all ages flock to downtown DC to take endless pictures of the famous Japanese gift—the Cherry Blossoms. Besides taking pictures and admiring the pink and white florals that line the Tidal Basin you may also take part in the multitude of activities that are all centered around these pretty trees, like the Cherry Blossom Parade, the Cherry Blossom Kite Festival, or check out a Cherry Blossom themed pop up bar.  

But where do you go if you want to celebrate these beautiful blossoms and not have to drown in a sea of people?  Until just last year like many others I assumed that the Tidal Basin was the only place worthwhile to go even if it did mean enduring endless crowds and having nowhere to park. But was I oh so wrong. There is one pure gem that has not been taking over by tourist is the U.S. NATIONAL ARBORETUM

Conveniently located right off New York Ave you may have passed it several times already when entering DC without even knowing it.  The Arboretum is known for its National Capitol Columns which originated from the East Portico of the Capitol Building in 1828.  Besides the Columns probably being the main attraction during this time of year however the Cherry Blossoms easily takes its place.  

So instead of dealing with the hassle of driving downtown, waiting to get a prime parking spot, and then struggling to take the perfect picture without a random person in the background—switch it up and head to the Arboretum to take their free self-guided tour which you’ll have the opportunity to explore up to 30 different types of cherry blossoms that vary in size and colors like the ones pictured below...Enjoy.

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