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Northwest City Tour

Ok, let me be honest for a minute.  Before actually visiting the Northwest I literally had zero clue of what States were even located in that territory.  I know, I know, how can a geography guru and travel connoisseur like myself not know the makeup of her own country but nevertheless this is a judgement free zone and I’m being transparent.  Anyway, like I was saying, I honestly had no clue what States were even in the Northwest let alone things do in those states.  But here I was headed to Washington and Oregon.  And you want to know what’s crazy—since leaving I can’t wait to go back.

Seattle is a millennial’s dream destination.  Seattle has it all—an innovated and eco-friendly culture (Thanks to Amazon’s headquarters being the hub of the city.) with that West coast vibe.  You know that laid back vibe where no one’s ever in a rush and you actually enjoy strolling into work at 9am just to leave midday…yea that type of vibe.

Portland is similar to Seattle excluding the big city atmosphere.  It’s the ideal destination for hippie millennials to go to be “one with nature”.  Actually, I take that back Portland is a city to go when you get tired of being everything else everyone else defines you as being.  It’s a place to be your complete, unapologetic self.  And if that’s the definition of a hippie well I guess I’m one of them.  Portland is literally the only place I’ve visited that I honestly felt free—free to wear what I wanted, do what I wanted, and be who I wanted with absolutely no judgement.  And the best part about Oregon is that it is covered with mountains, forests, rivers, and my favorite W A T E R F A L L S!

The Northwest is like walking back in time before America was America, when it was simply untouched land just waiting to be discovered and explored.  And that's exactly what I did, I explored the mountains, waterfalls, cities, and most importantly the delicious, creative, and hella good food the Northwest is known for....Enjoy!

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