My Icelandic Adventure

If you were to tell me this time last year that I (a black female) would willingly decide to drive along the southern coast of Iceland while sleeping in a camping van with my dad I would have thought you were crazy.  But that is exactly what I did, and if I was given the opportunity I would most certainly do it again.

This trip would be the very first "Father/Daughter" trip my Dad and I would take together so at first I was slightly skeptical to the idea of spending five days completely alone with my Dad in a small van.  All in all my Dad was the best person I could have gone to Iceland with and I am extremely thankful that he was there to experience Iceland's natural wonders with me, and drive the stick shift van.

Although the name "Iceland" may give you the idea that the entire country is completely covered with ice; don't let the name deceive you.  Only 11% of the land is actually covered with glaciers and ice; the rest is green pastures, rolling hills, and souring mountains, lavender valleys and black sand beaches.


I was terrified of the simple idea that I would be vacationing in a country that could possibly be below freezing.  I mean the thought of a nice 80 degree road trip didn't necessarily cross my mind when I though of "Iceland".  Thankfully we decided to go at the end of June when the weather wasn't half bad.  On average the temperature ranged from 55-60 degrees, and because during the summer daylight lasted 24 hours the sun made it warmer.  It was only freezing during the morning and when the wind blew.  Ultimately the weather in Iceland is extremely unpredictable; during a day it can be windy, rainy, sunny, warm, or cold.

Things To Do:

During my road trip along the coast my dad and I hiked up mountains, found secret waterfalls, touched glaciers, explored black sand beaches, ate fish and chips, got attacked by flies, discovered an airplane wreckage, and swam in glacier water between North American and Europe!


And sleeping in a van the entire trip was no worries at all.  Iceland is the ideal place for campers.  During the high season all hotels are quiet expensive. Having to pay for a room as well as a rent-a-car, plus food and gas would have easily doubled the cost of our trip.  With all of the sites we wanted to see it just logical as well as feasible to simply rent a camper.

For the cost of 5 nights in a local hotel in the city we instead rented a camper van from "Campervan Iceland" for around $700.  A home away from home this van had access to wifi, two chairs, a table, portable gas stove, water tank, utensils, and a mattress with two sleeping bags that allowed me and my dad to sleep comfortably. Now that we had heat and the most important wifi, all that was missing was the bathroom.  Thankfully Iceland is covered with designated camping sites along the main road and close to tourist attractions which are all equipped with fully functional bathrooms.


  • Golden Circle (Pingvellir, Gullfoss, Geyser) 

  • Silfra snorkeling

  • Seljalandsfoss 

  • Skogafoss

  • Vik

  • Abandoned DC airplane in Solheimasandur 

  • Ice Lagoon

  • Black Sand Beaches

  • Blue Lagoon

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