Yes, Miami is Affordable. Here's How!

Whoever told you Miami was too expensive to visit more than once is delusional.  I love Miami so much I used to travel there at least four times throughout the year.  Out of all the questions I get about traveling, Miami is on the top of the list for inquirers.  So what’s my secret? The secret to my many seemingly endless amount of visits are 1. Going during the off season 2. Researching and 3. Networking

1. Going During The Off Season- Unlike many people I know who venture down to Miami only for the holidays such as Spring Break or Memorial Day weekend I would rather travel during a time when the whole D.C., Maryland, or Virginia isn’t there.  The whole point of a vacation is getting away from your current surrounding isn’t it?  Well for those of you who haven’t tried flying down to Miami during the off season you can literally save hundreds of dollars! Which means more refills on Fat Tuesday’s!

Along with going during the off season (anytime it is not a major holiday or during the Fall) you can also save money by traveling during the week.  The price of a flight and hotel can go as low as 30-50% off of the original price if booked for a Tuesday verses a Friday or Saturday.

For those "partiers" don’t worry there is a club to go to every night in South Beach and there still will be a good crowd; yes even on a Tuesday.

Now that I have hopefully convinced you to stop following the crowd of tourist and to visit Miami during a slower season we can move on to #2.

2. Researching- Researching will always be a duty that will need to be checked off your list of "to do’s" for when traveling anywhere not just Miami.  Keeping "going off season" in mind try to research flights that depart during the week. The cheapest day to fly during the week is on Tuesday.  I personally always fly South West.  A round trip flight to Fort Lauderdale can be as low as $180 when purchased from their “wanna get away” section.  From Fort Lauderdale South Beach is only a short uber or shuttle ride away.

As far as hotels goes don’t let the pretty lights and ocean front views of staying on Ocean Drive fool you, you can stay in a hotel 2-3 blocks from the popular strip and pay 2 times as less!  Plus walking a couple blocks to the beach is good exercise.  I personally prefer looking for hotels on because you get 1 free night after you book 10 with them.  Narrow your search to look for rooms on Washington or Collins Ave.  You will see a significant difference in prices trust me.  And the extra walking will help lead into my tip #3!

3. Networking- In Miami it’s all about who you know, and who they know.  I don’t know about you but networking is the key to getting what you want.  You can save a lot of money just based off of who you know.  Clubs are the first area where networking comes in handy.  Meet the right promoter and you’ll have free VIP access to any club on South Beach.  And considering how expensive the clubs on South Beach can be when you total up the cost of entry as well as drinks knowing the right person can save at least $100-$200.  The people are super friendly on ocean drive.  Everyone is there for the same purpose; to have fun, and to meet new people.  It's really easy to just strike up a conversation with just about anyone on the beach and before you know it you've made friends with the right people.

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