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If you had $335 what would you do with it?  Would you spend that money on a shopping spree, pay a few bills, or would you hop on a 16 hour flight half-way across the world?  Seeing how this is a "Travel Blog" it's pretty obvious what I decided to do.

Talk about  jet-setting, I booked this A M A Z I N G deal just 2-weeks before, and yes it only cost $335 roundtrip (I'll tell you how at the end).  Of course everyone thought I was crazy for doing so.  Sure it's one thing to book a trip from D.C. to Miami 10 days prior but all the way to Asia!?  But isn't that the whole point of traveling; spontaneous, pure genuine, unplanned, authentic experiences?  Plus the last minute trips are always the most adventurous.  Don't trust me?  Well let my photos show you. Enjoy!

Ok, time for the good stuff...Expenses


  • Fox and the Firefly Cottages- $27, Although there are only a few cottages available this eco-friendly, boutique resort was one of the best places I stayed at during my 10 day trip.  The intimate atmosphere along with the outstanding hospitality of the staff made this quaint resort feel more like a 5 star private jungle retreat. The picturesque outdoor showers and restrooms were the perfect combination of nature and luxury.  But that's not even the best parts, the resort offers an array of outdoor activities.  Their most famous is a night time firefly paddle boarding tour.  Great news for all future guests, the owner is currently in the process of building brand new suits that overlook the rice fields!  This is literally the O N L Y place you will want to stay in Bohol, not kidding and if you know me personally you know how picky I am when it comes to where I lay my head at night.

  • ABC Hotel & Homes - $30, If you're looking for a last minute hotel, ABC is the perfect place to book for a night or two.  At about $30, this chain hotel will provide the comforts of a basic western hotel at a great price for anyone who may be on a budget. The staff members were extremely friendly and accommodating as well.

  • ZEN Rooms - $20, Yep, $20 worth is pretty much what you should expect to receive from this chain hotel.  Nothing spectacular here as far as room wise is considered.  Perfect for budget travelers or a quick overnight before a flight but I wouldn't recommend this hotel for anything longer than a night.  The staff was hospitable and accommodating (especially when it came to holding our backpacks for an entire day while we went waterfall chasing, thank you again!) But other than the friendly staff members be prepared to stay in an ordinary, and slightly dated room with an occasional cockroach!

  • Eden Resort - $100, Oh how I wish I had more time at this onside cliff resort.  Each villa sits on the cliff overlooking the ocean.  The photos online of this resort really do not give this place justice because it is absolutely breathtaking, and that's just the views from the villa's spacious balconies.  The views from the cliffside infinity pool are indescribable.  You would have to book a room for at least 2 days- 1 day to relax on your balcony and the 2nd day to relax in the infinity pool.

  • The Funny Lion - $140, Out of all the resorts I have stayed at I can honestly say that none of them can even come close to the quality of service, luxury accommodations, or the amount of complementary items I received while staying here.  From their incredible infinity pool, rooftop jacuzzis, happy hour, complementary breakfast, mid-day snacks, handmade woven purse, bracelets, book bags, (still ALL COMPLEMENTARY) scarfs, F U L L mini bar stocked daily with fresh fruit and juice, HECK they even stop by your room every night to give you a late night sweet treat! How can you get any better than that?  What other resort have you been to that say goodnight by giving you a jello or chocolate shot?  And that's just the beginning of this spectacular resort.  This is one resort that you just have to experience for yourself once in your life and I promise you'll never look at any other resort the same again. Thank you Funny Lion for being absolutely outstanding in hospitality, service, accommodations, and pure bliss.

Flights & Transportation:

  • Roundtrip Washington D.C. to NYC via megabus- $48

  • Round trip airport train and subway from Time Square to JFK International Airport- $40

  • NYC to Clark, Philippines via China Eastern - $335 via &

  • Taxi rides- between $2-$5

  • Ocean Jet ferry ride from Cebu City to Bohol- $8

  • "Jeepney" rides- a few cents, less than $1 most of the time

  • Private Driver for the day - negotiable, about $20 per person

  • Bus from Cebu City to Oslob- $6.40

  • All day private, personalized boat tour - $53

  • One way flights from Clark - Cebu - Coron - Clark - $140 via Philippine Airlines

Things I Did:

  • The Chocolate Hills

  • The Man-Made Forest

  • Tarsier Conservation Area- $1.20

  • The Twin Hanging Bridge- $1.20

  • Midnight paddle boarding on the Loboc River

  • Firefly watching

  • Kawasan Falls- entrance fee $1.60

  • Tumalog Falls- entrance fee .40 cents

  • Snorkel with Whale Sharks- $20

  • Kayangan Lake

  • The Hidden Lagoon

  • The Twin Lagoon

  • Coron Island

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