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Viva Las Vegas

Remember when you were a kid and your parents took you to the amusement park, do you remember that feeling you had running around the entire park trying to decide which ride to get on first?  Do you remember asking your parents if you could borrow a few bucks so you could play your favorite game and win a huge stuff animal?  Don’t you miss those good old days when you had no care in the world and for a whole day you were given the opportunity to go wild and crazy and just have fun?  Well thank God for Las Vegas, the ultimate adult amusement park, “Sin City”, the perfect place where adults can go and pretty much be a kid in a sense.  The ideal place for young adults to venture for a weekend getaway to unwind and distress from the grueling routine of the work week.  Las Vegas has everything your heart desires, from playing games to win big bucks in the casino to riding a rollercoaster through a hotel.  This oasis in the middle of the desert creates the perfect all around summer time weather, perfect for day pool party where the temperature can reach over 100°.

Las Vegas has more than 100 casino/hotels where you can choose from to stay at all with different themes and characteristics.  Just the casinos themselves are a site to see, from Caesars Palace, to the Eiffel Tower recreation at Paris you can literally enter one hotel and feel like you’re walking the New York strip then enter anther hotel and be transported half way around the world to Venice, Italy at the Venetian.

But if gambling and club hopping isn’t quite your ideal things to do while on vacation, you can rent a car and visit the Grand Canyon 4 hours away for a day trip, or you can go see a famous magic show or performance, shop, eat, and much more.  The options and things to do in Las Vegas are endless.  A summer vacation is not complete without a trip to Las Vegas.

But can Vegas be affordable in the middle of summer?  Yep, It sure can be!  Southwest Airlines have direct flights to Las Vegas and if bought at the right time through their “wanna getaway” section a round trip flight from BWI to Las Vegas can cost as low as $300 dollars.  The flight is always the major cost for a vacation for me, especially traveling to Las Vegas; there are so many hotels and deals to choose from if you just take the time out to search around you can end up paying around $380-$400 for a 4-5 night stay.

A good tip to know before booking any hotel is that all of the Harrah’s properties which include the Paris, Caesars Palace, Nobu, Planet Hollywood, Rio, Flamingo, Bally’s, The Cromwell, Anthology, Harrah’s and The LINQ.  During the summer all of these properties have a special summer promotion which can offer rooms for a rate of as low as $35 a night!  This promotion is currently being extended for the month of October so if you haven’t took a trip out to Las Vegas this summer it is now being extended just for you so take advantage of this great deal.

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