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The 2 Best Ways to Tour Las Vegas!

While I was in Las Vegas I wanted to do more than just spend all of my time in the casinos gambling or clubbing.  So I decided to take two tours; one by water and the other by air.  It’s on my bucket list to one day travel to Venice, Italy and glide through the city on a gondola, so I did!  Ok, so technically I wasn't really in Venice but I was in the Venetian hotel and casino that was designed to be a replication of the famous city in Italy.

At the Venetian you have the choice to take a 15min ride on a gondola outside of the casino or in the inside of the casino.  It was extremely hot outside so I opted to ride indoors.  Regardless of which one you decide the price per person is still the same which is $20.  Each gondola seats 4 people.  If you would like a private two-person tour the cost would be $80.  Personally having the extra couple riding along was perfect because we each exchanged cameras to take pictures.

The ride was so romantic, and the singing that was performed by our guide was exceptional.  As soon as we sat down a professional photographer took our picture.  The canal flowed under bridges and along street cafes and shops.  Along the way people stood on the side and took pictures. Although it wasn’t Venice it sure felt like it for 15 minutes.  At the end of our tour we picked up our photo which cost $23 at the gift shop.  A gondola ride is a perfect way to unwind and end your day.

After my water tour I wanted to do something a little bit more adventurous and exhilarating.  I am in love with the bright flashing multicolored lights of the famous Vegas strip at night but the only time I really enjoy them is from an airplane window when I fly in.  I wanted to get a closer and more personal experience; I wanted an aerial view.  A helicopter tour was the best bet.  A helicopter ride was a perfect way to see a full view of the glitz and glamour of the bright and busy strip.

I booked my tour on  On that website you can choose from several different helicopter tours with a variety of prices ranging from $99-$200, day to night, desert or strip.  The package I purchased cost $90 per person; however, I paid $100 per person because I upgraded my package to have a limo pick me up from my hotel.  (They give you the option to drive yourself to the departure point.)

Once there each person in our limo was weighed in order for seat assignment in order to level out the helicopter.  Once you got weighed you are served champagne while you waited for your tour to begin.  Each helicopter takes a group of 6 people per tour, 4 in the back and 2 in the front.  Once in the air the view is spectacular.  For me I have seen an aerial view of Las Vegas multiple times in movies, but to actually experience it myself was amazing.  The entire ride lasted 20min from one end of the strip around the Stratosphere and back.  If you ever decide to take a helicopter tour, Las Vegas is definitely the place to do it, it is like no other.


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