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Go see for yourself...Learn, Embrace, Grow & Love

I discovered my passion for traveling & creating inspirational travel experiences in 2014 with my first intercontinental trip to Nigeria!  At the time I received several negative and unsupported comments for my choice of destination, however if I had decided to let the fears and opinions of others influence my actions I would have never been able to discover my purpose which is- 

"Connecting different cultures, breaking down negative stereotypes, embracing cultural difference, and gaining knowledge by spreading love & kindness through traveling and engaging in authentic experiences with those who are different from ourselves."

Since that first international trip I transformed my platform- Venture with V, LLC. into a full fledged Travel Consulting Business.  With faith and trust in God, 5 years experience as a Travel Specialist for the U.S. Government, along with first-hand experience traveling to 16 different countries I have gained the knowledge and expertise required to design and present you with an authentic, and personalized trips where your experience will exceed your expectations!

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